Ashely Madison... Oops!

Ashley Madison: Hackers come together to fight marital infidelity!

Ashley Madison Hackers Release Data Member Info!!

HEY!! HELP ME OUT HERE FOLKS!! ANYBODY out there know the name of that DARK EDGY independent MOVIE where the COOL, tiny elite team of scruffy but brilliant ANTI-AUTHORITARIAN computer hackers decides to STRIKE BACK against the system…not by taking down some ECO-TERRORIZING global CORPORATION…but by trying to STOP a bunch of SAD MARRIED guys from getting HAND JOBS at The MARRIOT??? Anybody??? I can’t think of it…

Mmmmm….Yeah….It should come to me eventually…….Anyway….about this Ashley Madison hack….Well…I don’t know about you…but I for one find it very refreshing to see SOME anarchic computer hackers out there STILL care about old fashioned things like fidelity & the sanctity of marriage!…and who identify more with Pat Robertson than with execrable deviants like Edward Snowden; and who understand & acknowledge the often mocked idea that TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE is THE FOUNDATION on which our society depends, and that its’ preservation at all costs SHOULD be of WAY more pressing & vital interest to anyone wishing to stop our nation’s tragic slide into depravity and moral decay than government overreach and the hijacking of our democracy by monied interests!

For far too long cryptologically skilled web vigilantes in the hacker community turned a blind eye to the issues of private morality…giving short shrift to the importance of marital monogamy all in the interest of lame stuff like “exposing government corruption”. FINALLY the hacker community has come to its collective senses & decided to use its power in areas that really matter…like keeping middle aged housewives trapped in sexless unhappy marriages from ever experiencing any traces of physical pleasure! I didn’t think this day would ever come. (And I actually never thought any of those housewives would ever come either!) But thanks guys. Thanks for restoring my faith!

Sooo….anyway….what was the name of that movie again? Anybody know? Ahh…..I’m sure it will come to me…..