NBC Announces No Further Action on Brian Williams


“The National Broadcasting Company understands the importance of maintaining the highest standards of honesty & integrity in our news division and the anger some feel over the recent revelations regarding Nightly News anchor Brian Williams. In light of this, after thorough deliberation of this matter, we have concluded that Brian’s apology… which some feel is inadequate, is in truth, a far more substantial act of contrition & acknowledgment of wrongdoing than anything as yet offered by Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld & the uncounted other members of the Bush Administration whose disingenuous fabrications were responsible for seducing America into the Iraq war in the first place. 

Though we agree Brian Williams actions were indefensible, in the larger scheme of things, we at NBC have also concluded that his lies were of relatively minimal real world consequence compared to the far more egregious, devastating & costly prevarications of the political figures truly responsible for one of the most ruinous & deadly foreign policy mistakes in America history. One that cost the USA much in terms of prestige & credibility on the world stage as well as  countless lives.  We hope that looking at Brian Williams actions through this larger lens can be a teachable moment…one that will allow all of us to move on with a spirit of forgiveness, understanding & compassion.

Thank you”